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In Memory of Our Fallen Stars

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Every group has those that they have lost who were dear to them. This page is dedicated to remembering them and what they meant to us.
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His Excellency, William Fitzwalter of Wallingsford-3rd baron of the Stargate. He was severely injured in a car accident and eventually succumbed to his injuries. This occured while he was our Baron and it deeply shook the Barony to experience this grief. 

Sir John the Plain of Shern-1st Knight of Ansteorra. Affectionately called John-John the Plain-Plain. His fighting skills and stories of him still are told in our Kingdom. John eventually succumbed to injuries from an old accident.

Lord Thoron Draconis-Founder of House Dragonshadow and squire to Sir John the Plain of Shern. Known affectionately as "Bam-Bam" by the other fighters. A big man, with a huge heart and bigger smile, he loved life and the SCA. Thoron passed suddenly and tragically of a stroke, leaving our community stunned at his death.

Her Excellency, Mistress Cadi ferch Branwyn-One of our seneschals and a person who loved our Barony very much. She moved to Loch Sollier and became their Baroness before passing away from a long illness.

Duke Jean Richard Malcolmson-It is always shocking to lose a member of the royal family and more so when they grew up in your own area. HG Richard was a familiar sight on the practice fields in the Barony until he had to move away. His death was sudden and unlooked for and more grievous because of this.

Lord Geof Weakarm-Squire brother to Lord Thoron and member of House Dragonshadow. A gentle giant with a shy smile, he had not played in our games for a while but was still remembered by many for his gentle and kind ways. Geof left us in 2008 from complications due to illness.

Mistress Janet of House Morningstar-Janet was one of those who entered the SCA in some of its earliest times and was a major influence on its direction. Still a viable and visible participant to the very last days of her life, she was instrumental in helping found our barony, our kingdom and lately was very influencial in the equestrian community. We miss her quick wit, vast memory, and boundless experience. Her sudden passing stunned the whole kingdom and had repercussions throughout the Society.

Don Christoforo Antonio Passavanti-A fine man who was loved by all. A noble heart if ever there was one. He was a part of our Barony from his youth and left behind his wife and child due to a vehicle accident in 2009.

Her Excellency, Mistress Arlene the Soother-October 2009-Stargate's first baroness sitting with HE, Sir Tarl Mapt, stepping up 6/17/79 and stepping down 7/04/82. While not a visible presence in Stargate for more than two decades, she was a very visible part at the Texas Renaissance festival first with her theater troop, Cat Box Theater, and then at the information booth at the gates.

Feanor the Elf-November 2009-this gentle is unknown to most at this time. He is remembered only by those long within our Barony. A slight man of frail health, he is best remembered for his skill on the harp. We used to delight to his playing under the moonlight where with the lovely music he truely appeared to be one with his name.

If there are names which need to be included, please contact
We are also soliciting short stories and tales about the Fallen Stars so that the memory of their deeds will not be forgotten. Please contact as above.